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Mathura the birthplace of Lord Krishna and a little town situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Lord Krishna the mysterious god in Hindu Mythology is adored as the evergreen hero of Hinduism, the lover of Radha and the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh is sited at a distance of 145 kms southwest of Delhi is a renowned pilgrimage spot of Hindus. The town welcomes a large array of Krishna devotees from all over the world. Mathura, known as Brajbhoomi extended an area of 3,800 sq. km is a prominent place of pilgrimage, flocked by millions of pilgrims every day.

“ The best known, the best loved and most complex of Vishnu’s manifestation of ”-Mathura is an old city affluent with history fading with the passage of time. A elongated enlarge of beautiful ghats having steps leading to water rim, domed gateway and temples spreaded along the right bank of river Yamuna, tells Mathura’s holy features. Mathura-a world-class tourist objective is packed with a lot of significant holy places along with Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi. Dwarkadheesh Temple, Vishram Ghat, Mansarovar, Govardhan Hill, Kusuma Sarovara and so on. There remains 25 holy tirthas/birthplaces and ghats in Mathura, Asi Ghata, Prayaga Ghata, Chakra Tirtha Ghata, Krishna Ganga, Dhruva Ghata and Visrama Ghata are prominent among them.

Iskcon Temple MathuraKusuma Sarovara is the renowned swimming spot in Mathura. Whereas the Govardhan Hill, formed in the shape of Peacock is sinking by the height of a mustard seed. The Mansarovar was believed to form with the tears of Sri Radha when she remained separated from Krishna. Thus a solitary image of Radha is worshipped in a small temple beside the lake. Vishram Ghat and Dwarkadheesh Temple is the mostly visited scared spot of Mathura accountable in making the place a worth visiting destination. Devotees never forget to make a cool trip to the archeological museum of Mathura having the finest collection of rare items from the Gupta and Kushan period (400 BC to 1200AD).

There are frequent other little spots in Matura reverberate with the enchantment of Shri Krishna. International visitor also used to made their trip to Mathura for uncovering Krishna’s charm, mischievous prank and extraordinary exploits. Lord Krishna is the charioteer of Arjun who revealed the supreme truth of life to the world. The best time to visit the temples in Mathura is during the festive days of Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali.

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